Saving Atlanta: The Source (Chapter 9)

This is a chapter of the ongoing series of Saving Atlanta where two brave Yankees slowly begin a journey to crack a city’s prudish culture.

Leah is the brunette with soft skin who worked as a nurse and looked exactly like pornstar Faith Summers. You also know about Nyla, the raven-haired pale-skinned woman who looked exactly like actress Megan Gale and is in her thirties. Plans ended up changing, due to Kylie’s unhinged temper, only Nyla was allowed to go out. You might remember Kylie from Chapter 6 as the young feisty brunette who looked exactly like model Taylor Hill. 

Now for anyone who lost us in the past two chapters, you might also remember Aria and Bri. Aria is the dark-haired pale-skinned leader that looked exactly like actress Courteney Cox. Bri is the blonde who is Aria’s mentor and looks exactly like actress Janet McTeer. All women are a part of an organization some refer to as “The Invisible Hand” behind everything in the city.


Picking up where we left off…

The state had opened up despite the outbreak of the virus and while things were not back to normal, if they ever would be, they were close to it. A woman had driven Nyla to the very apartment that Leah was rumored to live in. It was pretty decent given her salary as a nurse. Due to the summer hitting and weather getting warmer, the rooftop pool became busier than usual. 

In typical Leah fashion, given that both Kash and Trent had busy days, she went to the pool wearing her black two-piece. Nyla had heard of the pool party and packed her blue two-piece, knowing what Leah looked like and being experienced in the art. From a distance, the intuitive Nyla saw the pool party mostly full of older guys and a couple of younger men in a group by themselves. The men were typical southern boys, talking amongst themselves while having drinks. In a somewhat secluded area with the sun beating down lay Leah near some empty benches.

Nyla laid down a couple of benches over and took in the sun. Her skin was already turning somewhat pink from the sun’s rays. Meanwhile, Leah’s skin had managed to remain porcelain white. It was unique to see how she neither tanned nor burned. Nyla laid down and patiently waited, having a sense of the kind of person Leah was by just watching her from a distance. Both of the brunettes wore sunglasses to cover up from the damaging rays of the sun.

“You might want some sunscreen,” said Leah, smirking.

“Oh, my hands are too tired to put it on, guess they’ll call me lobster,” replied Nyla.

“You’ll be too tired to move, every step is gonna burn!” replied Leah, laughing.

“Well look at you, doc,” replied Nyla, as Leah walked over, handing Nyla a bottle. Nyla turned her head and smiled.

“I trust your hands more than I trust mine,” said Nyla, laughing as her pearly white teeth showed.

“I am a nurse,” replied Leah.

“Now I trust you even more, you are the one who has to get your hands dirty,” said Nyla. Leah smiled back, taken off her feet by Nyla’s humor. A few seconds later, Leah had put her hands on Nyla’s body to find it hot to the touch.

“The fuck, did you come out of the oven?” asked Leah, as Nyla’s body burned like hot water in a shower.

“Nah, just the microwave,” replied Nyla.

“We’re safe then,” replied Leah, as she smirked at how oddly witty the comeback was.

Leah dug her hands a bit into Nyla to find that the body had a decent amount of muscle on it yet showed a healthy figure. At one point, Leah pressed down on the abs, they were not chiseled but still hard after half an inch which took her by surprise. Nyla had a figure that was athletic but had a healthy amount of softness to it, which made her look a lot less intimidating than she actually was. By height, Nyla was probably four or so inches taller than the smaller Leah. 

The experienced Nyla took deep breaths as she felt out the situation, looking for her opening. Leah felt an odd arousal from Nyla’s hot skin, how good it might feel to rub against her with her own skin which was starting to cool. For some reason, Leah had a tough time tanning and had a naturally cool skin. As Leah stood up rubbing the sunscreen, she felt a hot hand grab her inner thigh quickly. The touch aroused Leah to the point her leg vibrated a bit as she took a deep breath.

“Say what, we are attracting too many eyes, let’s go inside and you can save me from flying,” said Nyla, in a soft tone.

“I’ll join you,” said Leah.

“Nah, come on,” said Nyla, as she softly squeezed a cheek off of Leah’s ass. The deep blue-eyed penetrating look of Nyla got into Leah’s soul, her body started to warm up slightly as her breathing became deeper. As Leah packed, Nyla waited a few seconds before she grabbed her shoulder and pulled her closer.

“Rapido baby,” said Nyla, as she gently tapped one of Leah’s buttocks. The two got inside as Leah willingly went in, not knowing exactly what was going on. Leah gulped a bit while Nyla led her inside. They were in the upstairs lobby as Leah stood around a bit confused. Nyla looked back at her and gave Leah a confused look.

“You don’t live here?” asked Nyla, smiling as her eyes rested.

“Oh well, I was thinking we could get you here,” said Leah, nervously.

“On the cold floor?” asked Nyla, laughing.

“Oh yeah, you have a point,” said Leah, as Nyla’s eyes continued to rest. The sultry look and the smile somehow overtook a cautious Leah’s ability to make decisions, her intuition was gone. A natural silence ensued, not much of a word said as Leah got on the elevator with Nyla and walked her to her apartment once it arrived on her floor. 

As soon as the doors opened, the two stepped in and Nyla was taken away by the beauty of it all. The apartment was kind of cool in temperature and smelled clean, a sudden change in the temperature increased the arousal of both. Nyla was a patient one who knew how to control her arousal as Leah walked in. Nyla could not help but stare at the beautiful buttocks, they were not toned but just natural and so beautiful. The way the cheeks ended before the touched the thighs gave Leah a very natural look, one that Nyla loved to cuddle with.

“So got a massage bed?” asked Nyla.

“I mean, I got a bed,” said Leah, nervously.

“Alright, that will do,” said Nyla, smiling as they walked in. Leah walked in with Nyla to her bedroom, the narrow path to it confining Nyla and giving her that feeling of a trapped environment she loved. Once they were in, Nyla closed the door behind them as Leah smiled and told Nyla to get on the bed. 

Nyla laid down prone for a while since Leah did not put the sunscreen on her back. Leah started the rub on the raven-haired pink-skinned beauty as the contrast in body temperatures, with Nyla’s being so high, aroused her. In a daring way, Leah sat up on Nyla’s back and dug her hands in as Nyla softly giggled, this was nothing to her. The experienced Nyla who had made five women squirt in a confined shower space and brought them to submission was barely even toying with Leah.

“Oh, nice one, haha,” said Nyla, quietly as Leah dug a hand into a muscular gap in her back.

The feeling of arousal from her clothed crotch, which had a camel-toe protruding, was so powerful that Leah’s body vibrated as she sat on Nyla’s back. Leah rubbed and started to grind her crotch against the steaming hot back of the relaxed Nyla whose body was calm. Somehow, Leah had started to get so aroused that her heart pounded and blood boiled as her body shook. The paler Leah gulped and started to take loud breaths as she rubbed the sunscreen all over Nyla’s back. 

At one point, Leah could no longer sit up straight on Nyla’s back and instead collapsed on her. Nyla let out a soft groan while being largely undisturbed by Leah’s mishap. Leah blushed and then sat in the opposite direction, her hands pressing down hard on Nyla’s buttocks as she pushed down on the thighs. The pale skin continued to grind against Nyla’s lobster-red skin until Nyla purposefully shrugged, which made Leah stumble again.

“Falling head over heels, come here,”  said Nyla, turning over to Leah whose body was in-between her legs spread open.

“Come here, no judgment, hug me,” said Nyla, laying down as she bear-hugged the cooler skinned Leah somewhat tightly, making her body violently shake. 

Nyla sniffed the area around the neck and let out hot breaths before softly biting it. The soft bites were quickly accompanied by long-winded licks to the area and behind the ear, which made Leah’s breath shorter but faster. Nyla’s powerful muscular legs coiled around Leah’s lower back to secure her in place in the midst of all of the intense action.

“Muah,” said Nyla, as she licked Leah right on the neck.

Nyla’s powerful legs moved around to slowly slide Leah’s panties off on one end, they covered just her cameltoe. The aroused Leah voluntarily took off her bra as Nyla immediately opened her mouth wide, sucking the nipples and licking the area underneath which aroused Leah even more. Taking a two-second break, Nyla got her bra off as Leah reached back to take off her panties. 

Finding it natural, Nyla wrestled Leah to the other end of the bed and had a head in between the buttocks. Leah went from being on her knees until Nyla grabbed the buttocks, licking the anus rather aggressively which made Leah fall down prone. Nyla took the chance to coil her around the pussy and shook her head after putting it in between the buttocks. The whiffs, sniffs, and licks started to overwhelm Leah as the fingers surgically worked their magic. Within a minute, Leah’s body violently shook to an orgasm that made her moan loudly.  

Nyla now had Leah in a very dominant type of position and kept all control. Yet, it seemed like while Leah was completely worn down from what had gone on Nyla was still primed and picking up pace. The kind of mentality that Nyla portrayed seemed to actually resembled somewhat of a peaceful waterfall stream. Leah’s emotions and body were starting to quickly burn out even though she was trapped into being the one who provoked the whole ordeal.

The grip on Leah’s body became tight as Nyla had steady and long hot breaths that blew into Leah’s anus and around her crotch. As the tongue and mouth worked its way on the ass, the hot arms tightly hugging the cool body of Leah. The temperature difference between the two aroused Leah and provoked Nyla into getting bold. In a matter of seconds, what started off as romantic licking of the anus turned into a sudden hop by Nyla to take the back.

Nyla immediately laid on of the Leah who laid prone, her heavier and larger body weighed down on the slim frame. The powerful arms of Nyla coiled tightly around Leah’s chest, maintaining full control. As the hot body of Nyla laid on top of Leah’s cool slim frame, loud moans left the paler brunette on the body. In typical fashion, Nyla went to work by engulfing the ears, kissing Leah behind the neck, and slipping one hand on the pussy. The quick movement of the hand and fingering of Leah accompanied by the hot breaths, kissing of the downed brunette’s neck, dramatic differences in body temperature, and slight yet constant movements by Nyla brought Leah to an orgasm.

“Yeah, do it again!” said Nyla her hot arm rubbing against the pussy as Leah had consistent orgasms.

“Again,” said Nyla, groaning in an intense voice as fluids continued to shoot out of Leah.

Leah got to a point where her body was reacting to an orgasm but no fluids shot out despite the aggressive arousals. Sensing the lack of fluids and the deathly look consume Leah, whose eyes were wide open, Nyla switch to a rear-naked choke position. The weight of Nyla remained on a controlled Leah who tapped Nyla’s body in constant intensity, very fast.

“Oh god, fuck, I give up, I give up!” said Nyla, barely able to get words out.

Nyla continued to nibble on Leah’s body, forcing erratic movements from the paler brunette who was feeling sleepy. The aggressive Nyla made some stretches and occasional cracking noises, the experienced Nyla knew what was happening. Nyla was largely calm, knowing that bringing Leah to orgasm would be a cakewalk. After the orgasm, the strong grapples and active bodywork done by Nyla had burned Leah’s muscles to where movement was difficult. 

“Come on troublemaker,” said Nyla, laying back as she hugged Leah tightly.

“Ah god, ah!” said Leah, moaning as her body vibrated.

“Come on girl, stretch those arms yeah, and let out a hot breath!” said Nyla, smiling with her pearly white teeth as Leah complied and collapsed on Nyla’s face only half-awake.

“Whew, yeah?” said Nyla, smiling with her shiny white teeth again as she kissed Leah and locked lips with her for a few seconds, completely controlling the face. Leah laid on top of Nyla just moaning and exhausted, like she had gone through hours of working out. Nyla took deep soothing breaths and let Leah know of the situation.

“So, you were the source of all this huh!” said Nyla, smacking Leah on the ass as Leah could barely respond.

“Just had get those two Yankees to mess things up in this city huh,” said Nyla, smacking the other buttock as Leah looked up, her eyes exhausted but a look of anger consuming her.

“What ya gonna do, huh?” said Nyla, softly biting Leah’s neck as Leah moaned. Nyla’s powerful arms grabbed and squeezed the two soft buttocks as Leah’s upper body involuntarily elevated before she let out a deep breath. A few minutes passed and Nyla threw the command.

“You’re coming with me. Get dressed, don’t make me ask twice,” said Nyla, getting up as Leah remained prone.

“Oh that sweet ass!” said Nyla, stuffing the head in-between the buttocks again for a few seconds and sniffing the ass before smacking it hard. Leah’s body flopped around for a few seconds after the smack before falling off the bed.

“Up ya go,” said Nyla, grabbing the hand and putting Leah over her shoulder. Nyla dressed Leah herself quickly and put an arm around her, leading her out. Leah was still feeling aroused in-between the legs, a feeling that was only helped by kissing Nyla. 

As soon as they got in the back of the car where Nyla had a designated driver, Nyla ate Leah out. The serene view of green trees and light blue skies turned into a blur as Leah took deep breaths. Leah’s breaths got deeper, heart pounded, and blood boiled as Nyla ate and kissed her pussy in the backseat. Every moment it felt like Leah was coming to the surface after having been underwater for a long time, her breaths becoming deeper.

The Invisible Hand had now shown itself and was not done with business. Yet, with ruthless efficiency and well-timed calculation, it was able to get Leah. Nyla was a fresh body and despite taking years off from getting her hands dirty, she enjoyed the chase. The beautiful car headed towards the mansion where Leah was a welcomed guest.


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