Blonde Mom Fucks Black Babysitter Pt. 1. by Mafia Bitch


This series will include the babysitter fucking mom with a strapon.

Like so many times before Loren Wright had picked up Alex her babysitter. Loren was a 32 year old single mom, but still gorgeous with shoulder length blonde hair, a slim tight body and a perky ass that didn’t show a hint of sag. She also had firm breasts that were small still firm and round. Loren was also a lesbian so didn’t mind giving her babysitter a ride as the fourteen year old was so hot Loren got a thrill stilling next to her on the drive back to her place. Alex was tall for her age and wore her hair short which showed off her graceful, long neck. There was something confident, almost dangerous about Alex that excited Loren.

A week before she had helped Loren on an outing to the local pool. Loren could hardly take her eyes off Alex in her blue bikini, how it clung to every curve on her young body. Alex seemed to relish in her sexiness, as if she knew that many eyes were on her as she walked to and from the pool. Alex was very affectionate with her young daughter Tatum and a somewhat guilty thrill rushed through Lauren when she saw the two girls hugging and splashing in the pool.

Tonight as Alex got into the car Loren almost gasped as she saw what Alex was wearing: supper tight short shorts and a tiny tank top that exposed her tight flat tummy.

After she buckled up, Alex gave Loren a hot sexy look and said, “Uh, Loren do you think you could turn the air conditioning off, it’s kind of cool?” the girl thrust her chest out as she did this, and her small round tities were on full display her nipples stiff against the white tank top.

As Loren shut the AC down she realized she was staring at her babysitter’s round perky breasts. Alex was black, her skin a rich mocha color and one of the most beautiful girls Loren had ever seen. As she drove away Alex propped a bare foot on the dash board and began stroking her calf and thigh.

“I shaved in the shower just now. I love the feel of my skin after I’ve shaved. It feels so…so sensual…all over “ Alex said in a low sexy voice as she ran her fingertips along her inner thigh and over the prominent slit in crotch of her skin tight shorts.

All the way back to her home Loren stole glances at her hot little babysitter as she continued to stroke her long sexy legs and firm round thighs. In the shadows of the car Alex’s fingers seemed to linger at the crotch of her shorts for longer periods, stroking, playing. Tatum, Loren’s daughter was asleep when she left to pick up Alex and she told her to call mommy on the cell if she woke up. There had been no call.

The moment they had both stepped over the threshold of the Loren’s home, Alex turned unexpectedly on the older woman, startling her when she pushed her up against the door that wasn’t even entirely shut yet. Loren gasped, shocked by the younger teen’s actions as she heard the latch click behind her and felt Alex’s smaller compact frame pressed flush to her.

Alex leaned in and up on to the tips of her toes to nuzzle Loren’s ear as she gently cupped the other side of her face in her hand. “Loren you’re skin is so soft, you’re so beautiful…” said the petite teen. Her tone was so low and seductive; Loren was not certain she would have recognized it as Alex speaking, except she was looking right at her when the hot young girl spoke. Alex was so close to her now that when she inhaled she couldn’t help but take her scent in. She smelled of vanilla and strawberries.

“What are you doing Alex?” She heard her own tone of voice had risen to a high startled squeak as Loren tried to maintain control of her breathing. Her body seemed to be responding of its own accord to Alex’s sudden nearness. Loren thrust her hips forward so her pussy pressing against the crotch of those tight shorts. She couldn’t help but turn her head down slightly, so the darker young woman she had only dared to dream of as a more than a babysitter had better access to her neck that she was currently kissing, licking and nibbling.

“I, I want you Loren, and by the way you look at me I think you want me too…” Alex explained a little slur to her words grinning triumphantly against Loren’s fair skin as she felt the other woman relax into her young arms that were now stretching to wrap around her neck. “Do you want me to stop, Loren, do you?”

When she began planting soft open mouthed kisses up the front of her throat, Loren’s brain seemed to short circuit, unable to focus on her surroundings- or even to pretend to process how excited the young girl’s touch was making her. With her mind spinning at the ache she felt in her lower belly and the moisture collecting on her cunt lips she just managed to whimper, “Please no.”

Loren fully surrendered to her body’s will at the feel of one of Alex’s hands gripping the back of her neck gently, making the blonde’s pussy tingle. She sighed as she felt Alex’s fingers twine in her hair possessively before carefully pulling her face down so they could feel each other’s breathe on one another’s lips.

Alex couldn’t believe she was doing this, ever since she had started babysitting for Loren she had dreamed of this moment. The hot black teen forced herself to meet Loren’s smoldering gaze. She had fantasized about kissing her for so long. Loren Wright was not what she would call a normal single mom. Her tall slender body was in perfect shape, in some ways Loren was the perfect image of everybody’s all American mom next door…a trait that seemed to turn the young black girl all even more.

“Kiss me,” Alex whispered huskily relieved at not being rejected as she leaned up to take the much older woman’s lips in an almost domineering and hungry kiss.

Loren met her kiss with equal vigor knowing this had been a long time coming for her. What confused and startled her was the young Alex making the first move. She had fantasized about the young girl so often, getting herself off looking at pictures she had taken of her, and now as Alex’s full soft lips melted against hers it almost seemed surreal.

Even though Loren knew how dangerous this was she also had a sense that this felt remarkably right, she was still not entirely sure she was comfortable with the liberties the young teen gril seemed to be unable to stop herself from taking. She felt Alex’s right hand sliding down her back to grip her ass, pulling her in tighter to her own body, as she bent a knee grinding her hip bone against the tight crotch of Loren’s jeans. When she felt the felt the young girl’s lips part and her tongue brush her bottom lip something in the blonde brought her hurtling back to herself and she spun them around so she was now urgently pushing the teen girl against the door. Her own lips opened and she thrust her tongue Alex’s hot mouth exploring every bit of the warm wet cavity, tasting the mint gum she had been chewing and something intensely sweet that could only be Alex. “Mmmm…” Alex groaned as she felt the Loren take control.

When they finally broke the kiss for some much needed oxygen Loren gazed down at her, near to panting now. “God-I want you. I want your hot little body. I want to eat your little cunt.” She said her voice thick with desire.

Alex’s eyes seemed to roll back in her head a little right before they shut, as she leaned forward and down to press her cheek to Loren’s chest hearing the erratic excited beat of the mature woman’s heart. “I thought, I was so afraid-“

“What?” Loren leaned down to kiss the soft curls on the girls’ head tenderly. She had wanted to run her fingers through those curls for so long. As she did just that with one hand her other was running lightly, soothingly down Alex’s spine. All this time she had no idea that Alex returned her feelings. “What did you think?”

“I didn’t know why…I just couldn’t stop this-“Alex lifted her face to meet Loren’s eyes. “This feeling I had.”

“I know I felt it too.” Loren moaned feeling an all encompassing fire growing in her entire body, angling the babysitter around again to steer her with down the hall toward her bedroom. “Come on, we’ll have to make sure not to wake up Tatum”

Alex walked confidently backwards in her familiar surroundings amazed at how safe she felt with Loren guiding her. She gazed up into her eyes with unequivocal faith. She explicitly trusted that this mother had her…would not let her stumble. When she felt the back of her knees make contact with what was obviously the Loren’s bed in the room only dimly lit by the streetlights outside the window she glanced up at her shyly through thick lashes with a searching look on her face. “Loren?” she asked hesitantly distancing herself a bit by leaning back trying to allow her fuzzy head to regain some equilibrium.

Loren caressed the back of Alex’s neck, cradling her cheek in the other hand as she gently tilted her head back and to the side a little so the moonlight illuminated her soft kindhearted expression so she could see the young girl’s eyes more clearly. She suddenly stilled her movements, as she took in the uncertain look in Alex’s eyes right before they shut and a troubled crease grew between her brows. “It’s alright Alex,” She said simply kissing one of her eyelids then the other, before moving up to press her cheek tenderly to her long desired lover’s temple barely able to believe she was finally able to hold her close like this. “I would never do anything to-“

“Harm me.” Alex finished for the blonde, opening her desire darkened eyes to meet Loren’s ‘s piercing green ones and seemed to make a decision. Crossing her arms around her own torso and grabbing the hem of her tank to pull it up and over head she tossed it to the floor. Then she leaned backwards immediately reassured by Loren’s secure embrace lowering her gently to the bed as she laid down on the mattress and pulled the Loren down on top of her. “I’m not worried about that. I know you would never intentionally do anything to hurt me.”

Loren leaned up on an elbow taking some of her weight off the girl’s petite body. Looking lovingly back into Alex’s eyes she used her free hand to stroke the young girl’s cheek. “Then what is it?”

“I’m scared-I think I might be…” Alex barely managed to utter in a choked voice before stopping and forcing herself to calm down and gather her thoughts. There was so much she wanted to say right now and was terrified that no matter how she put it, it would come out sounding needy and overdramatic, “I like you.” She admitted in a small voice “A lot…maybe too much.”

Loren inhaled sharply and froze in shock. She didn’t notice the clouding over of the girl’s features until she felt her own chest tightening with concern when she saw the moisture gathering in those seemingly bottomless engaging brown eyes she had been worshipping from afar for far too long. Even as she rushed to form a coherent thought she trembled at the woman’s heartfelt declaration, feeling as if her entire world just opened up a bit more, as if Alex’s words made it so there was more air in the room. Then she saw the terror in Alex’s nervous features growing exponentially right before she squeezed her eyes shut causing tears to stream down her cheeks.

“Oh no…” She shook her head slowly, as if to deny any of Alex’s concerns realizing what the hot teen must think after she had taken so long to answer. Worriedly Loren ran her fingertip along the line of her jaw, loving how smooth and heated her skin was, with a completely open and ridiculously empathetic expression. Loren’s pale skin heated up to a deep red as she blushed, she couldn’t even believe what she was about to reveal. “Alex, please baby” she began “look at me.”

Alex had never been one to be bothered by another’s opinion of her. She was a young teen, African American, and was certain that she was a lesbian. Loren was the first woman that made her heard and her pussy ache at the same time.

“I like you too, way too much.” Loren offered with a brilliant smile. “I have ever since you started babysitting Tatum.”

Alex matched her smile shyly, “Yeah?”

“Oh Yeah.” Loren leaned down to kiss the full ruby lips she had dreamed about.

“Mmmmm….” Alex moaned at the contact.

Loren’s lips slid down over her chin never breaking contact as she moved down her neck to find the rapidly increasing pulse at the base of her throat. She opened her mouth pressing her lips against the spot and sucking hard. “Ohhh.” Alex cried feeling as if she had actually found nirvana.

Loren smiled against her skin, “Does that feel good baby?”

“So good…” Alex twined the fingers of one hand in her hair and wrapped her other arm around Loren’s waist pulling her closer. She sighed at the loss when Loren’s mouth left her neck but then arched her back and groaned loudly as she began to suckle her stiff little. “Oh Loren yes,” the young girl sighed.

Loren reached down and unzipped the shorts. “Can I these off off?” She asked in a throaty voice.

Alex’s hands found the buttons on Loren’s blouse “Only if I can remove this.”

Loren lifted her torso so Alex could reach all the buttons and the shrugged her shoulders out of the shirt as Alex simultaneously lifted herself off the bed so her shorts could be pulled off.

When they laid back down the Alex leaned up a little to press her lips to the supple skin she found between Loren’s breasts. “There are far too many layers of material between us.” She murmured.

Loren crawled off the bed to stand up and looked back down at her new young lover. She watched Alex for a moment and seeing how vulnerable she looked laying there looking up at her.

Alex was relieved that Loren slowly began taking off the rest of her own clothes first, she was not shy about her own body but felt a little overwhelmed with how much she had already exposed herself hot young teen. When Loren removed her panties and stood there naked before her Alex could only stare as her breath hitched at the beautiful way Loren’s pale skin flushed in the moonlight.

Loren saw the want in Alex’s eyes and had to force herself to not pounce on her right there. Their eyes were locked as she took a deep breath and knelt on the floor between the young girls knee’s that were bent and hanging off the side of the bed. She took one of the Alex’s hands and pressed her lips to the palm her eyes never losing contact with Alex’s as she heard both of their breathing growing harsher in the otherwise silent room. She took Alex’s hand and pulled her up to a sitting position actually having to tip her head up a little to meet the girl’s dark eyes. “Alex…”

Alex shivered at the low throaty tone Loren used to say her name. She reached out to take the Loren’s face in her hands and leaned in to lightly press her lips to Loren’s. She pulled back a little and then with a little sigh moved in again to kiss her hard their tongues wrapping around each other.

Loren groaned as she fought her own instincts, forcing herself to let Alex take the lead.

Alex whispered against her lips, “I want you so much,”

Loren shook at those words; there was only so much self control a person could demonstrate in a situation like this. Groaning she cupped the back of Alex’s neck and pulled her in tighter sliding her tongue against her lower lip in askance. When she felt the young girl’s fuller lips part easily for her she gently pushed her tongue in to explore every bit of the warm wet cavity.

Feeling Loren’s tongue move against her own made Alex whimper into Loren’s mouth, her hands moving now, one fisting in the long silky blonde hair the other moving from where it currently rested on her shoulder down the front of her chest, cupping a full pale breast and thrilling at the way the already stiffening nipple grew harder in her grasp.

“Oh fuck yes,” Loren released Alex’s mouth with a loud moan.

Alex felt Loren’s long fingers slide over the small soft paunch of her belly until her fingers slipped into the wet folds of the young girl’s cunt.

“Oh Alex baby, your pussy is so wet,” sighed Loren.

“Oh yes, for you Loren, oh when you touch me…oh fuck!” growled Alex.

“Look at me hun, while I go inside you…” Loren said.

“Oh yes, fu…ck me!” Alex groaned as Loren’s long finger entered her tight wet cunt in mid sentence.

“Your little cunt is so tight just like I imagined it would be,” sighted Loren as she began pumping a finger in and out of Alex’s pussy.

Loren let her thumb firmly graze over the top of Alex’s sensitive clit. The young girl’s entire body jerked upward.

“Oh so sensitive…I can’t wait to suck on it!” said Loren peering into her babysitter’s eyes.

Alex was rocking her hips to meet each thrust of Loren’s finger; she knew that she couldn’t hold out long with Loren pressing down harder on her clit.

Then Loren was over her, straddling her smaller body on her hands and knees, not technically touching any part of her. “Move up further on the bed.”

Alex trembled at the commanding but gentle words and quickly did as she was told laying her head on the pillows at the head of the bed…Loren’s bed.

Loren followed looking deeply into the teen’s eyes as she lay down fully on top of her. They both made soft satisfied sounds as their breast’s pressed firmly against one another and the blonde straddled one of Alex’s thighs. One of Loren’s hands softly caressed Alex’s hips as she used the other to cup her cheek tenderly. “Tell me what you want baby girl…anything-“

Alex’s hips jerked a little at the sincerity in Loren eyes and words. “Oh Loren,”

Loren moved her lips down close to her ear. “Just tell me, I promise it will be alright.”

Alex was shaking hard now, “I want you-your fingers back inside me, it felt so fucking good.”

Loren noted with some satisfaction that hot teen’s voice was strangled and tense. She slipped her hand down the chocolate body. When she reached the top of one of her thighs she leaned up to look directly eyes, “Are you sure baby? You were so close to cumming”

“Please Loren.” The begging tone in Alex’s voice decided for her as her hand slid between the upple thighs, gently cupping the tiny, hot, wet, cunt.

Alex hummed her approval at the soft massage of her outer pussy lips and began to relax before her entire body twitched when she felt a single digit slip through her folds of her cunt.

“Oh fuck little girl, I love how wet you are.” Loren groaned.

Alex took a couple of quick gulps of air before confessing in a small voice, “Whenever you’re in the same room as me I get this way.”

That was too much for Loren as she quickly leaned in to hungrily take her mouth in a passionate kiss at the same time easily slipping two fingers easily into the writhing girl she had lusted after for so long.

Alex gasped as she felt herself finally being filled by the object of her desire. Their eyes locked as Loren paused making sure Alex was alright. When Alex looked up at her with such need and gave a small nod of encouragement the taller woman began to slowly stroke in and out of her soft warm cunt flesh. “Uhmmm…” Alex moaned beginning to move her hips down to meet the Loren’s thrusts. “Fuck you make my little cunt feel so good.”

“Yeah it does.” Loren smiled sweetly down at her as she felt her lover’s inner cunt walls squeezing her fingers tightly as if she wanted to pull them into herself deeper. Loren began using her other hand to rapidly rub back and forth on the girl’s firm little clit.

Loren moved to Alex’s ear again suckling her earlobe before whispering, “I want to make your little cunt come,”

Alex’s entire body tensed at her proclamation. “Yes.”

“How baby, tell me what makes you lose control.”

“You.” Was Alex’s simple answer.

Loren’s hand began to speed up the tempo of her the wet fingers bearing down on the young girls clit, while two fingers pounded in and out of the tight little cunt hole. Loren felt as if her very skin was on fire when Alex began to buck and writhe beneath her fingers, “Oh fuck yes, I’m going to cum so hard for you Loren, oh fuck I love you.”

“I love you too Alex, give me your cum, give me your sweet black girl cum.”

Alex felt herself fall over the edge at Loren’s words. Her entire body shook and convulsed as she lost herself in the warm shower of the cum that shot from her young cunt. Loren removed her fingers and placed her face at the entrance of the young girls churning cunt as cum sprayed all over her beautiful face. As Loren thrust her long tongue into the convulsing teen’s cunt. Alex came again and Loren licked and sucked it all into her waiting mouth.

Eventually relaxed sensations that took over her body. When she finally came back to herself she looked up at Loren with disbelieving eyes.

Loren’s cheeks were glistening with her come and were now colored bright red as she realized her slip in the heat of the moment. When she saw Loren’s searching look she quickly averted her eyes. “I- I’m sorry- I didn’t mean to- I mean you are a child…”

Alex reached up with both hands turning the Loren’s face until their eyes met. They were both quiet for a moment before Alex spoke finally catching her breath. “You didn’t mean it?”

Loren’s eyes widened at the disappointed expression filling the younger woman’s eyes. “No-I- I didn’t mean to pressure you, your –I’m- supposed to be the adult…”

Alex smiled up at the Loren’s struggle in expressing herself, “I love you Loren, and I won’t rest until I fuck you as good as you did me.”

Loren sighed, feeling her juices drip from her cunt onto her pale thighs.

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