Ashley Is Admired By Mrs. Ponzo

Ashley Young lived with her girlfriend in a condo.  They were working and going to college.  Denise, her roommate had a boyfriend and spent time at his apartment.  Ashley sometimes felt like it was her own condo.

Ashley was dancing around the condo and enjoying many glasses of wine.  She had bought a new dress and was enjoying how sexy she looked in it.  She twirled around which made her panties show.  Her dress was very sexy and she was not sure where she would even wear it.  It made her look like an absolute slut.

Her boobs were basically hanging out of her dress.  It didn’t leave much to the imagination.  Ashley loved her breasts.  Whenever she had a boyfriend, they too loved her breasts.  They were probably the biggest thing on her body.  She was thin and quite stacked.  Everybody looked at her when she was out.  You couldn’t hide how big her breasts were.

She danced into the bathroom to examine her breasts in her flirty and fun dress.  Ashley heard the doorbell and wondered who was at the door.  She was not expecting any company.

Ashley opened the door and Denise’s mother was there.

“Hi, Mrs. Ponzo!  Please come in.”

“Hi, Ashley.  Is my daughter around?  She wasn’t answering her phone.”

“No.  Her and her boyfriend went into the city for the evening.  She’s probably going to be there tonight too.”

“That’s a shame.  I really wanted to see her.  Do you mind if I hang around?  My husband went out with friends tonight.  Do you have plans?  Do you mind if I hang around?”

“I’m not doing anything.  You can hang out here.  Would you like some wine?”

“That sounds amazing.”

Ashley went to pour Mrs. Ponzo some wine.  She was already a bit tipsy and wondered what she really wanted.  Several times she had eyed Ashley up and down.  She wondered if she was into girls.  Ashley had been with a few girls but never someone as experienced as Mrs. Ponzo.  Ashley and Denise sometimes would enjoy each other.  It hadn’t happen since she got a boyfriend.

Ashley came out with the wine and gave her the filled glass. 

“Here you go.  Let us toast to good times.  Cheers!”

Mrs. Ponzo clinked glasses with Ashley.  She took a big gulp of the wine and smiled at Ashley.  She was staring right at her breasts.

“Your dress is very pretty.”

“Thank you.  Why are you staring at my breasts?”

“Well they really pop in that dress.  My God how large are they?”

“An H.  I have always had big boobs.  I’ve always wanted a breast reduction.”

“Don’t ever do that.  You are such a pretty girl.  Are you dating anybody?  You must get lonely when Denise is out.”

“Unfortunately, I’m not dating.  I do get a little lonely sometimes.  I guess my prince will come.”

“Or princess?”

With that Mrs. Ponzo stood in front of Ashley.  She pulled her close and planted a kiss on Ashley’s mouth. 

Ashley pulled away and pretended to look shocked.  Although, she knew she was bi-sexual.  Denise had mentioned her mother liked girls.  Often, Ashley wondered if her and her mother had sex sometimes. 

“You know, I’ve always thought you were pretty.  Your dress is making me horny.”

“Do you think Denise would be okay with us being together?”

“She isn’t here right now.  I really want to be with you.”


Mrs. Ponzo pulled her close and touched Ashley’s enormous breasts.  She held them in her hands while kissing her passionately on her mouth.  She moved her hands all around her huge tits.  She was kissing Ashley hard on her mouth.  Their tongues were wrapped together in their mouths.

Ashley was already feeling the effects of the alcohol and was indeed loving the attention she was getting from Mrs. Ponzo.  Her panties were soaked.  She was beyond aroused.  She was crazy with lust.

Mrs. Ponzo unzipped her dress and pulled it over her head.  She wasn’t wearing a bra.  Size H breasts were gigantic.  She had a fit body and was wearing white lacy panties.  She could see a wet spot on her panties, which excited the horny milf.

Mrs. Ponzo was excited to play with Ashley’s breasts.  Her nipples were erect.  Mrs. Ponzo pulled and pinched at her nipples which made Ashley scream with delight.  She opened her mouth and stuffed the huge tit into her mouth.  She groped at the other one while enjoying the gigantic melon.

“Oh, that feels so nice,” Ashley moaned.

Mrs. Ponzo continued to suck on her nipple while squeezing at her other breast.  Ashley was extremely sensitive on her big melons.  Mrs. Ponzo slid her hand into Ashley’s panties where she felt how wet her panties were.  Her pussy was juicy and wet when she played with it.

“You are just a little excited?  Your panties are very wet.  You are turning me on!  What a hot little minx you are!”

Mrs. Ponzo rubbed Ashley’s pussy in circular motions.  She pushed her finger up into her tight pussy and fingered her in the kitchen.  Ashley was moaning out to the hot milf.  The juices just dripped from her hot snatch.

“Let’s go to my room!”

Mrs. Ponzo stopped what she was doing, and they walked to Ashley’s bedroom.  Once they were there, Ashley comfortably went on her bed.  Mrs. Ponzo undressed and joined Ashley on the bed.  She held her and passionately kissed her.  She took Ashley’s panties off and played with her pussy with her fingers.  She held her pussy lips up and down.  She pushed her finger into her pussy and fucked her hard with her fingers.

Ashley’s pussy was extremely wet while she fucked her roughly with her hand.  She thought she would have more fun and slipped more fingers into the girl.  Her pussy was creaming and so elastic feeling.  Mrs. Ponzo pushed her entire fist into the sexy girl and fisted her fast.

“Oh God!  Fucking hell that feels so good.  Play with my clit!”

Mrs. Ponzo rubbed her clit and continued fucking her with her fist.  Ashley screamed in ecstasy.  She pulled her fist out and went to the edge of the bed and knelt.  She pulled Ashley’s legs and went to work with her tongue.

She tasted her pussy and all the glorious juices that spilled out of the sexy girl.  She pushed her tongue up into her slit and tongue fucked her fast.  She continued to orgasm on her tongue.  Ashley was playing with her own breasts while Mrs. Ponzo ate her ravenously.  She was enjoying her pussy.

“I want to taste your pussy too!”

Mrs. Ponzo went up to the bed and Ashley met her there.  She gave her a kiss and played around with her perky breasts.  She was small chested.  Ashley tasted her nipples.  Mrs. Ponzo was playing with her own pussy while Ashley had fun with her breasts.

She kissed and licked her all the way down to her pussy.  She was clean shaven and had plump pussy lips.  Ashley licked and kissed her pussy and pushed her tongue into the hot woman’s cunt.  She tongue-fucked her and rubbed her clit.  She was squirming on the bed while fucking her with her tongue.  Ashley had experience with being with girls.  She liked the taste of pussy.  She enjoyed licking Mrs. Ponzo into orgasm.

Mrs. Ponzo came multiple times and Ashley licked her and went back and kissed her passionately on her lips. 

“Do you and your daughter have fun too?”

Mrs. Ponzo just smiled and continued to kiss Ashley.

“My daughter once said you and her experimented.  Do you guys still have fun?”

“Not as much now since she has a boyfriend.”

“I could come here when she’s at her boyfriends.  I would love to eat you and play with your big tits.  You are a hot piece of ass.  Maybe next time, I could bring my husband.  We would love to play with you too.”

“What would Denise think about that?”

“She’d be fine.  It is no big deal.  You would cum lots.  My husband loves pussy just as much as I do.  Would you be into it?”

Ashley immediately said she would be into it.  It was not that she had anybody to love.  She already was with Mrs. Ponzo.  Adding her husband in could be fun.

“Ashley, my name is Anne.  Mrs. Ponzo is too formal.  Please call me Anne.”

“Anne is a beautiful name.”

Ashley continued to kiss Anne and they both played with the other’s pussy.  They both had an interesting day together.  When Anne left, she promised she would bring her husband next time.

Ashley was exhausted from all the orgasms she had.  She continued to drink and thought about her wild day with Anne.  She wouldn’t be sharing her news with her friend.


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